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Dedicated to the profession of plumbing engineering
About ASPE

The American Society of Plumbing Engineers (ASPE) is the international organization for professionals skilled in the design, specification and inspection of plumbing systems. ASPE is dedicated to the advancement of the science of plumbing engineering, to the professional growth and advancement of its members and the health, welfare and safety of the public.

The Society disseminates technical data and information, sponsors activities that facilitate interaction with fellow professionals, and, through research and education, expands the base of knowledge of the plumbing engineering industry. ASPE members are leaders in innovative plumbing design, effective materials and energy use, and the application of advanced techniques throughout the world.


Worldwide Membership

ASPE was founded in 1964 and currently has 6,100 members. Internationally, ASPE members are located in the United States, Canada, Asia, Mexico, South and Central America, the South Pacific, Australia and Europe. They represent an extensive network of experienced engineers, designers, contractors, code officials, manufacturers and manufacturer representatives interested in advancing their careers, their profession and the industry. ASPE is at the forefront of technology. In addition, ASPE represents members and promotes the profession among all segments of the construction industry.


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ASPE Chapters

All members belong to ASPE worldwide and have the opportunity to belong and participate in one of the 53 state, provincial or local chapters throughout the U.S. and Canada. ASPE chapters provide the major communication links and the first line of services and programs for the individual member. At chapter functions, members can network with others who represent all segments of the plumbing engineering, design, construction and services industry. Chapters produce newsletters, conduct monthly technical meetings and provide opportunities for education, professional development and information sharing to help the membership stay abreast of current trends, code changes and technologies in the plumbing engineering profession.


ASPE Local Chapters Regions Map


Membership Communication

Communications with the membership is enhanced through the Society's bimonthly newsletter, the ASPE Report, and the monthly magazine, Plumbing Engineer.

Technical PublicationsThe Society maintains a comprehensive publishing program, spearheaded by the profession's basic reference text, the ASPE Data Book. The Data Book, published in four volumes, encompasses forty-six chapters, provides comprehensive details of the accepted practices and design criteria used in the field of plumbing engineering. The ASPE published library of professional technical manuals and handbooks includes the Domestic Water Heating Design Manual and Model Plumbing Codes: A Comparison Study, the only plumbing engineer's and designer's plumbing code tool of its kind.


Convention and Technical Symposium

The Society hosts biennial Conventions on even numbered years and Technical Symposium on odd number years for professional plumbing engineers, designers and contractors to improve their skills, learn original design concepts and make important networking contacts to help them stay abreast of current trends, codes and technologies. In conjunction with each Convention there is the Engineered Plumbing Exposition, the greatest, largest gathering of plumbing engineering and design products, equipment and services. Everything from pipes to pumps to fixtures, from compressor to computers to consulting services is on display to allow engineers and specifiers to view the newest and most innovative design materials available to them. In addition, the Society conducts a number of one- and two-day technical and professional development seminars in conjunction with the Chapters, each year.


Certified in Plumbing Engineering

ASPE sponsors a national certification program for engineers and designers of plumbing systems, which carries the designation "Certified in Plumbing Engineering" or CIPE. The certification program, provides the profession, the plumbing industry, and the general public with a single, comprehensive qualification of professional competence for engineers and designers of plumbing systems. The CIPE, designed exclusively by and for plumbing engineers, tests hundreds of engineers and designers at centers throughout the United States biennially. The examination is held in the month of April of even numbered years. Created to provide a single, uniform national credential in the field of engineered plumbing systems, the CIPE program is not in any way connected to any state-regulated Professional Engineer (P.E.) registration.


Codes and Legislation

The Society maintains liaisons with all plumbing industry and engineering related organizations, as well as providing code and representative liaisons with various federal, state and local governmental agencies and departments. ASPE code and legislative liaisons are members of the coordinating committees for the many organizations promulgating national model codes and, when appropriate, coordinate code and legislative representation at the state and local level.


ASPE Research Foundation

The ASPE Research Foundation, established in 1976, is the only independent, impartial organization involved in plumbing engineering and design research. The science of plumbing engineering affects everyone . . . from the quality of our drinking water to the conservation of our water resources to the building codes for plumbing systems . . . our lives are impacted daily by the advances made in plumbing engineering technology through the Foundation's research and development.

Mike Marshall 

“ASPE is the fountain of knowledge for plumbing engineers, and if it's not published by the Society, one of the members has the answers...


“I'm excited about this year's adventures for the AYP (ASPE Young Professionals) and the events we have scheduled for them!”

David Kokosenski

“People need to know about the scholarships and charity events that ASPE is sponsoring...”

Hans Kaufmann

“There are so many reason to come out to the next meeting... from the Technical presentations to the involvement at the national level. There is something for everyone!”

“I have so much fun at each ASPE event... and this year is even going to be better!”

Ash-Lee Rud
Lindy Damoto
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