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Apr 2023 Newsletter

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Feb 2023 Technical Presentation: “Overview and Best Practices for All-Electric Domestic Hot Water Systems”

 Brian Croshal, Plumbing Engineer at PAE


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Access Passcode: CRNQ2V#&

Jan 2023 Technical Presentation: “Understanding Firestop Design”

 Jim LeStage, Specifications and Sales Manager at RWC


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Access Passcode: FVY1V.Ps

 Eric Hough, PMP, Chief Commercial Officer at Epic Cleantec


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Nov 2022 Technical Presentation:
“Next Generation Water Technologies”

Harold Moret, Project Manager and Piping Applications Specialist, Copper Development Association


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Access Passcode: %u4F%Lh6

Oct 2022 Technical Presentation:
“Copper’s Contribution to Sustainability the Built Environment””

Brock Trimble, Director of Technical Sales with

SHARC Energy Systems


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Access Passcode: 9a!w9FB$

Sept 2022 Technical Presentation:
“Putting Wastewater to Work”

Feb 2022 Technical Presentation:
Plumbing in Healthcare and "the AHJ"

Jan 2022 Technical Presentation:
Water Heater Applications for Engineers/Designers

Mike Marshall



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Access Passcode: +0dqGnJh

Nov 2021 Technical Presentation:
Non-potable Water Ordinance Updates

Taylor Nokhoudian

SF Public Utilities Commission


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Access Passcode: xCYy+T8*

May 2021 Technical Presentation:

Natural Gas Systems 101

February 2021 Technical Presentation:

CISP Coatings for Aggressive DWV Applications

November 2020 Technical Presentation:

IoT and Connectivity application in Plumbing Systems

October 2020 Technical Presentation:

Oakland High Rise Case Study

Oakland High Rise Case study.JPG

April 2020 Technical Presentation:

Value Engineering

January 2020 Technical Presentation:

Valves 101

September 2019 Technical Presentation:

Controlling Legionella and Other Waterborne Pathogens

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